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Our Latest Press Release - July


Endowed Enterprises, LLC announced this morning that in cooperation with Bobbi Eden's recent campaign to show her support of the Netherlands team in the World Cup - they have agreed to provide a complimentary Lickie Dickie, their #1-selling oral sex companion, for the first 500 BJs given by Bobbi Eden. With the launch of her new website, Bobbi Eden has promised to give BJs to each of her Twitter followers and Endowed Enterprises, LLC and the renowned have agreed to offer their partnership with her promotion.

Lickie Dickie is a 100% bio-degradable oral sex napkin that allows for a more hygienic experience by offering a succulent strawberry scent while placing a barrier from odors, body hair, and other off-putting factors that may sometimes delay or hinder the full experience and provides easy clean-up and disposal for both parties.

Once Dutch porn star Bobbi Eden initially announced her offer, Lickie Dickie began to receive phone calls from the adult entertainment industry with suggestions that their product was the perfect candidate for such a campaign. “It only makes sense when you think about it. #TeamBJ has been one of the fastest growing accounts on Twitter to date and Lickie Dickie is the top-selling oral sex companion. Our phone has been ringing off the hook with offers so we decided to partner with Bobbi Eden and support her launch by giving her a free Lickie Dickie for the first 500.” said Alice Bruce, president of Endowed Enterprises, LLC.

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Wow!   The buzz is catching on, and we all know we deserve a Lickie Dickie for our time and effort.

New Flavors coming soon!

Not just succulent strawberry, but some other mood "elevating" aromas as well.


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"Took a sample home to my Girlfriend. She loved it, it made the experience much more favorable for her. She is now willing to do it more. "
Jose - Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

"This unique product is wonderful. It smells so great. It makes the job a nicer experience."
Lisa - Plant City, Florida

"Too Cool ! Finally something to help us. "
Amy - Lakeland, Fl

"This is wonderful. You can't even go through McDonalds without getting a napkin. "
Sue - Lakeland, Florida

"Now this just makes sense!  And my girl loves it! You wont see me complaining...I get it more now than ever!"
N.L. - Lakeland, FL


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